Eli Dorado

Safety Manager

Ely is a happily married father of 2. His oldest son is going to school, working on a degree in computer coding and data analytics and is married to a beautiful young lady, who is a pharmacist assistant.

His youngest son is growing strong as he is 9 years young moving into the 4th grade. His wife is a Master of Speech Language Pathology with 18 years of experience.
Ely has been involved in all aspects of safety, health, industrial hygiene & environmental compliance for over 25 years. He is an OSHA Authorized Trainer since 2007. He has lived and worked in California, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee and now in Texas, again. Born in Mexico, raised in L.A.
He enjoys taking pictures of everything and is fascinated by cows; particularly those laying or resting on the fields. He likes to play the bongos and enjoys playing drums with both of his sons who play drums as well.
He enjoys learning from others because he knows that everyone has something to share. He is always looking for an opportunity to Glorify God and make a difference.